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Dear Bill, I had reservations about taking classes online and paying for them. You have made it easy and trust worthy. Thank you so very much for your service. It is appreciated. Sincerely, -S.P.

Hi Bill, I just wanted to let you know, I appreciate how simple you have set up your website and your process for completing CE. It has been easy so far. As well, it is nice to have your email communication to let me know items are received and completed. Lastly, I want to say thank you for answering your phone when I call. This is the first time I have been required to complete CE and you have made it –not so scary.-K.I.

Hi Bill, Thank you so much for all your help with my CE. The courses are interesting and educational. The speed at which you get the results to Sircon and OCI is awesome. Good Job again! Thanks, R.P.

You are terrific. Have a great weekend. Thank you.-D.S.

Bill, Thank you. I think I am going to sign up my wife and daughter use your program as well. Have a good weekend.-C.R.

Hi Bill: I want to THANK YOU so much for helping me complete my CE Hours. I found your site to be VERY informative and user friendly. Best of all I did not even have to leave my house. Thank you again. Next time I need to complete these hours again, I'll be in contact with you.-M.R.

Thank you again for all your help and I have already recommended many people to your web site. --CB.

Bill! Thanks to your class offerings I'll be able to complete my CE's on time, although by the skin of my teeth! I don't know where the past 24 months have gone, but you've allowed me to run things down to the 11:59 hour - and still get my credits done on time! Thank you, thank you! --BO. Thanks again, Bill. I look forward to working with you in the future!!! --KS.

Great! I put the affidavit in the mail already, you should have it by tomorrow. This has been the easiest CE so far, I am hooked on your site.--JS.

Used your agency discount to provide credits for my agents, was able to reward top performers with more free credits... great idea! -- AF, X Agency.

Thank you for getting all the paperwork processed so timely as I waited until the last minute to work on my credits. This is the first time I did a self study course and I certainly prefer it to taking the classes. --CM.

I will hopefully not wait until the last minute in two years, but I really appreciate your fast service. There are a lot of other CE providers out there, but I know and trust you. Thanks for the great service you provide.--DM.

I appreciated your service and the opportunity to actually to speak to you when I ran into a problem yesterday. I'll definitely keep you in mind for the future. --PK.

Hi, Bill! I have sent a couple people from my agency to your website for CE! X just did her ethics credits and X is going to need 12 credits this month. They like how easy and affordable the process is!--MS. Thanks for making this a less painful process Bill. Will pass your name around the office.--MS.

Thanks so much! --P.S. Thanks for offering the CE courses via the internet. It saves me so much time, I have to drive 1/2 hour to the nearest Tech to take a course, then the 4 hr course and again 1/2 home. Also, in winter can sometimes not be pleasant. This saves me so much time and I can do it all on my own time, at my discretion. I was almost going to give up my license (after approx 15 yrs) because my license comes due in July and could not attend a lot of the spring courses offered at the Tech. So, again, thank you, this was my last 5 credits and therefore now able to keep my license. Have a great weekend! --BH.

Thanks for making it easy.--CY.

Hi Bill---I appreciate all your help. I will use your services again and will recommend you when possible.--PB.

Thank you, Bill. You are a hard worker. --BA. Thanks for the quick turnaround time! --SJ.

Thanks!! This was awesome doing my CE credits through your program. I will definitely be back!! --SJ

Your process was very smooth and effective. Thanks for making CE so simple. --JP.

...I also referred various colleagues to you... I really enjoyed and learned a lot with the materials your provided. Exceptional reading and resources. Thanks again and much success always. ---SW.

Bill, thank you very much for your prompt response... --KS.

Bill, Just sending you a Thank You for taking care of my CE courses, and prompt notification of test results. This is the first time I have used your service, but...it will not be the last! I was truly impressed with your website for CE and now, the great service provided to me. As long as you are available, I have saved your website for the next 2 year period of necessary credits. --MB.

Bill - just wanted to let you know that you really did a good job on the CE program. It really helps us who find it difficult to get away to attend classes - especially up here. Have to travel at least an hour, which pretty much takes the whole day. --DS.

Thanks again for all your help - I have given your name to all my co-workers. --SR.

Bill, Thanks and I will let anyone else know how easy it is to work with you. --DB.

Thanks Bill, I appreciate the convenient way you provide to complete CE! --PO.

Thanks Bill! This stuff is a lot better than sitting in a classroom all day. --RW.

Bill: Thanks for everything. Also, thanks for sending me a little post card in the mail about a month ago letting me know about your services. Please keep in touch so I can easily remember your contact information. Thanks again. --BMD.

Thank you Bill. I appreciate your help and your program. I would recommend it to everyone.---JR.

Bill: Thank you for your help! I found your courses well organized...---RB.

Thank you very much for your help. This really helped me out a lot! I was a little nervous with the time crunch.---JV.

I thought this was the best CE experience to date. The material was good, the test was fair, and it was easy to do. I will be sharing and recommending with the entire agency. Thanks.--- DF.

We are pleased to have found your site...I plan to have our advisors utilize your services.--- SH.

Thanks for getting my credits in so quickly--- I can't believe it. Thanks Bill!---JR.

This really worked well. Valuable service you are providing. The one thing I never seem to have enough of is time. Your service allowed me to make the best use of my time and the broad choice of curriculum you offer made my continuing education experience more meaningful. Thanks again Bill.---DP.

Thank you, Bill for getting my test results back so quickly!---Amanda K.

I like the format and flexibility of your online classes---Jim F.

Using your service saved me a lot of time and money over classroom offerings.---Jerry L.

Thanks for your help, Bill--- you saved my wife's license!---David M.

It's great to actually be able to talk to someone, especially when the rules are so confusing.---Tom B.

I appreciate your classes... especially with a 10/31 deadline!---Darren U.

...By the way, the class was well done! You kept my interest on a subject I will not be dealing with on a normal basis, that says something! ---E.L.

Hi Bill, thanks for the book--- you seminar was excellent and informative--- please advise us if the extended version of the seminar comes back to our state. ---J.T.

Bill...Thank you for an informative seminar ---B.R.

Bill, I attended your HRA / FSA / HSA training in February. Thank you for a really GREAT class!! ---D.A.

That was a really good meeting. Thanks, Bill! ---N.E.

Nice to see you twice in one week. I really learned and got a lot out of your CE class. Thanks for all the info. You are very intelligent and up on the subject of insurance. Take care! ---C.V.

Hi Bill, I just wanted to thank you for all the effort you put into our training. It was enjoyable, and with your help, I'm sure the group will be successful. Thanks again. ---S.A.

Just wanted to say thanks for letting me attend the CE credits yesterday. Now that I am working for a smaller organization, I have found my hands in about everything. The quality of the presentation and information provided was of great value. You did an outstanding job. If it's OK I'd like to attend the August session also. Thanks again! ---H.D.

I understand that Michelle from (agency) took your CE class and found it very informational. She is glad that she went. Thank you for a great class! ---C.D.

Thanks as always for CE class - a tough job and a tough crowd but we do appreciate it! ---C.L.

Bill, just a note to let you know I thought you did a GREAT job of teaching CE. I enjoyed the group projects. I'm looking forward to the next class... ---T.R.

Hi Bill, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the CE class yesterday. I don't believe I have ever been to a worthwhile or interesting CE Class, so you're my first. You do a great job. You are incredibly knowledgeable and I appreciate that. You have really done your homework and you're interesting to listen to. Thanks again. ---K.W.

Bill, You did a great job teaching the class, very informative. Once again thank you. ---P.S.

...I'm really glad you take this on, so much better than the other CE options. ---C.L.

Thanks for a great class! ---S.A.

Bill, Thank you for your great class last Tuesday. I now better understand how to market my products in conjunction with HRA's, HSA's and FSA's. I also realize that I would never want to be a TPA. Thank you again and I look forward to taking additional classes you might offer in the future. ---B.K.

Bill, I wanted to make sure that you know that you did an awesome job for us. Lot of folks saying that this was the best CE class they ever attended. I would like to utilize you some more if I can figure out how to do it. I sure do appreciate how you have the ability to take the mundane and make it interesting for everyone. Glad you are on our side! ---J.S.

Thank you for this convenient service.---Tina S.

Just took the ethics test on-line. It was GREAT. Thanks much for this service.---Aaron K

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IMPORTANT: Due to the state system limitations, classes submitted on or after the last business day of the month will not reach the NIPR database from the state in time for you to renew your license by midnight on the last calendar day of the month. Paying the RUSH fee does not guarantee that the credit transfer from the state to NIPR will take place in time for you to renew in time, only that I will transfer your credits to the state within 24 hours of receipt of your passed test and properly filled-out affidavit.

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