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Bill Murray, BS, M.Aq, RHU
Wisconsin State Approved CE Provider #20781


Office Phone: (608) 219-4985. You can txt me at this number-- just please let me know who you are in your message!


Hours: 7 days a week (really) 7AM-10PM. I take my office with me wherever I go, so call-- if I'm not available at that moment, you can count on a prompt return call. Call or email me-- I'm ever so nice to deal with!


Best results (usually faster) if you email or text me...give me your phone number and I'll call you if you need more details. Please include an after-hours phone number, as I do some of my correspondence after 5PM. If you are already a registered student, please include your NPN number, so that I can look up your file.


Email: bill@cewisconsin.com


My State Certification


My state CE provider number is #20781.


What is and isn't CEWisconsin.com?


  •   I'm not a tiny division of some giant corporation.

  •   I am born and raised in Wisconsin.

  •   I'm not here today and gone tomorrow.

  •   I am a licensed agent with over 20 years of industry experience.

  •   I know the rules and I'm dedicated to help you get what you are looking for out of CE.


About CEWisconsin and Uncle Bill...


Like all great stories, CEWisconsin.com started as a solution to several problems. People wanted to do online CE, but not talk to a robot to do it. They wanted personal service and a Wisconsin provider that understood their needs. My friends in the agency business wanted to do their CE quickly, inexpensively, and outside of business hours. And my kids need money to go to college. Poof! CEWisconsin.com is born.


I've been involved in the insurance industry for over 20 years. I have had roles in sales, sales management, broker development, marketing, recruiting and training during that time. Most recently I have consulted in business development on the home-office side at a Wisconsin-based insurer.


I'm married with three children, and have lived in Wisconsin for all but two years of my life. I do my best to run CEWisconsin.com in accordance with the Christian principles that help guide my, and my family's lives; while at the same time adhering to the important state rules that govern Wisconsin CE.


In my dreams, I'm a carnival barker, auctioneer, and square-dance caller. For now, I'll just concentrate on the CE thing...


I enjoy the opportunity to interact with other agents in the CE arena, and gain a great deal of insight on the industry from my dealings with agents like yourself. Feel free to contact me with your ideas for new classes or for new ways of delivering my service. My success is you success!


My Mission...


After hearing from hundreds of professional people that I have met over the years in my classroom CE courses, I have made online CE available to the insurance agents of Wisconsin.


While online CE lacks the fun and group learning environment of my classroom offerings, it does give agents the convenience of studying and completing their required credits on their own time, without having to miss prime business hours.


What differentiates me from those other providers is that they are giant faceless, humorless corporations. I do this because I enjoy it--- and enjoy the opportunity to get to know insurance agents like you from around the state. I don't have the huge numbers of classes the big guys have, but the list is growing, and I offer common-sense personal service that the mindless corporate machine can't offer--- at a reasonable price.

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