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CE-By-Mail is a great way to complete your CE without having to sit in front of a computer. Pick from the packages below. They are comprised of one or more classes, bundled together to get you 24 credits. If you need fewer than 24 credits, see below for additional options.

IMPORTANT: 1. Package will be sent to your payment address. 2. Simply review the enclosed reading material then take the short, simple test for each class in the bundle with your proctor present, then fill out the brief WI state affidavit form with your proctor to certify that you took the test without assistance. 3. Then mail or electronically submit the forms to me (instructions below) and I'll submit your credits to the state ASAP.

Please call me with your questions or if you would prefer to enroll and pay over the phone, I want to help you!(I'm Bill)

Return the tests and forms to me one of the below three ways

‣ By US mail at:
Bill Murray, 1298 St. Patrick Way, Sun Prairie, WI 53590.
‣ Or you can take pictures of each page and text the pictures to:.
‣ Or you can email the pictures or scan the pages and email to:

If you would prefer to enroll and pay by phone, call me at (I'm Bill)

Choose your package (packages described below)

Package Choices
Packages are 24 credits and include the ethics requirement. Cost is $232 for each package which includes the state CE submission fee of $24. You are responsible for renewing your license at www.nipr.com in the last 90 days before your expiration date (last day of your birth month in either odd or even years).

Need fewer credits? Smaller packages are also available. Purchase the "any 12 credits" option for $169 and call me at the number above to customize your package!

Package Classes Included Notes
#1, P&C Focus Property, Casualty, and Commercial Insurance and Ethics 1 total test
#2, P&C Focus Auto Insurance, Homeowner's Insurance, Ethics 3 total tests
#3, Life Focus Retirement Plans and Ethics 1 total test
#4, Life Focus Life Insurance Principles, Annuity Best Interest (formerly "Suitability") training, Ethics 3 total tests, fulfills one-time Annuity Best Interest (formerly "Suitability") training requirement for WI
#5, Health Focus Medicare, Long-Term Care Partnership, Principles of Insurance, Ethics 4 total tests, fulfills LTC ongoing (4 credit) requirement for WI
#6, Health Focus Voluntary Insurance Plans, Ethics and WI Life and Health Law Review 2 total tests
#7, Health Focus Topics in Insurance, Ethics and WI Life and Health Law Review 2 total tests
#8, General Topics Insurance in the Developing World, E&O Insurance, Legal Expense Insurance, Ethics 4 total tests
#9, General Topics Business Insurance Basics, WI P&C Insurance Law Review, E&O Insurance, Health Insurance Scam Alert! 4 total tests
"any 12 credits" Call to discuss customizing a smaller package to fit your needs! flexible